Star Bore Postponed

Star Bore, the fan made spoof of Star Wars, is now postponed. It's been several years since the last short was released, and Star Bore just isn't in the top list of stuff we want to do right now.

Maybe, in a few years, we'll come back to this, but in the meantime all that's going on with Star Bore is the completion of the last Star Bore Supplement, number 17.

Droid Factory

Droid Factory

Droid Mold is Carried Along on a Conveyor Belt

Hot Molten Metal is Poured Into Mold

Filled With Molten Metal, The Droid Goes Along on the Conveyer Belt 

Our newly modeled Droid Factory (unlike the crummy one we had back in 2008) is an incredible work of modeling. A clip is soon to be on YouTube.

First, a droid mold is filled with hot molten metal. The conveyor belt carries it to a robotic arm that lifts it up and plops it on the other mold, putting both halves exactly on top of each other.
Then a cutting machine cuts the mold to the appropriate size.
Finally, the finished droid stands up and walks off the assembly line. There is another factory nearby that manufactures the wires and molds.

Darth Mall in Issue 9

We are making a Mall Issue!

We also did a pretty cool clip with both Darth Mall and Obi-Won!
See it here!

Cool New Wallpapers!

Click the wallpapers to put them to the right size, and then drag them to the desktop or print.

Attack of the Groans Clip Done

Sergeant Clipper is saved from a sand storm on Geodian by Commander Raider.
This scene will be put on YouTube.
You can see it here later.

Star Bore: The Groan Wars

New Episodes!